Windows protection error

I just built my system and installed windows 95, and after everything was installed now i go and boot up but get

While initializing device IOS: Windows protection error

I have no drivers except my cdrom driver. Cannot start in safe mode either. I went into bootlog.txt and have no problems
Stumped, i really hope its not anything hardware, i just bought everything retail box:
1.5 GHZ P4
Intel 850MVL motherboard
2 sticks of SyncMax 128 MB Rambus
audio built in
LAN built in
AOpen Video w/ AGP Nvidia TNT2 chipset
Any ideas? Please Help
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  1. Uhhh.. Windows 95?!? On a brand new P4 computer?!?!?!?!? That could be part of your problem. I would strongly suggest upgrading to Windows 98SE at the very least... Windows XP would be ideal. A lot of the hardware inside your computer is not supported under Windows 95, so you're wasting your time installing it.

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  2. Ditto

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  3. Well I have to install the full version of windows 95 to use the upgrades of 98 and Me dont i?
  4. yes...


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  5. <A HREF=";EN-US;q263466" target="_new">Error Message: Initializing Device IOS Windows Protection Error (Q263466}</A>

    I would suggest that you avoid all versions of Win9x and ME, and install a more recent operating system that is still supported by Microsoft. There is no more support for Win95, Win98 will be on a limited basis after June of this year. And as for WinME ... that's a terrible thing to do to a new machine.


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  6. No.. all you need is your Windows 95 media (CD, floppy, whatever...). When it prompts you, you stick in the media and it will install the upgrade as if it was the full version.

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