Linksys hub problem.

Hi all,
I have a notebook and desktop networked via a Linksys 5 port hub. It's been working ok for a couple of years now and yesterday I started to have trouble accessing the net first on my notebook and then on my desktop.
I tried and reset all my connections settings etc. and finally discovered that if I connected either pc directly to the cable modem (no hub involved) that machine worked ok. So obviously the problem lies with the hub.
Do you experts think that the hub is finished or could it be some sort of software setting? Just thought I'd ask before I go out and buy a new one.
Tia for any info.
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  1. If nothing in the system has cjanged or been messed with, suspect the hub, connections or cables. Perhaps get the hub tested somewhere.

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  2. the other day the same thing happened to me too....
    but...I found out that is not the hub..
    is the freaking CABLE INTERNET PROVIDER
    I have Road Runner, and the night before was fine
    next morning I boot up..
    only one of the computer get internet
    went to their web page says..
    'one IP per account'<--which never said that before
    so I called up and signed up more IP's and it's fine now
    AOL bought TimeWarner you know,so plz dont be surprised that..
    "YOU GOT GAYED" >.<!

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