Wireless Network Slow to Initialize in Windows XP Versus to Windows 7

Hello, my machine is set up to dual boot Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows 7 Home edition. I had Windows XP installed on this machine first because it is 10 years old and I wasn't sure how well it would work with Windows 7. I decided to test out Windows 7 a few months after using Windows XP on here and noticed the wireless network was started right when Windows 7 loaded, where as in Windows XP it can take anywhere from 1-3 minutes for the wireless network to load. In this 1-3 minute time frame on Windows XP any browser or attempted connection to the internet 'hangs' and does not display a time out, it just continues to try and connect until the wireless icon finally shows in the taskbar.

I'm using a Wireless G PCI Adapater with Speedboost. I searched for quite a while to find the drivers for the Windows XP partition, but the Windows 7 driver that boots at the start of the partition was installed automatically by Windows 7 on the first boot up.

Any ideas on which services/programs/potential problems could be causing this to happen?
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  1. Have you tried installing a newer XP driver for your adapter?
    If you have and the problem persists then it looks like your XP may need renewing! Since it is an older install (I gather) there may be some issues. If the W7 install can connect faster without any problems then there is probably something wrong with the XP.
  2. I simply make a batch file with the command net start wzcsvc
    and put the file in the startup folder. Works perfectly and instantly when the desktop loads.
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