How much GPU do I really need for 2 screens?

I'm ordering parts this week, and would like the opinions of the experienced collective here. My goals for this machine: Gaming, specifically I play a lot of WoW and Eve Online (neither of which are graphic intensive by modern cards standards, I know). I plan on playing Elder Scrolls Online when it is released. As far as non MMORPGs, I would like to play Metro 2033: Last Light, Borderlands 2, Skyrim (modded heavily), GTA 5, Star Citizen (who knows when that will come out, so it probably doesn't factor in), and Sim City without having to step down the graphics options. I will be using 2 1080 monitors, although the second one is going to be for desktop stuff to avoid tabbing out. I'm thinking GTX 670 2GB is the right card, but I don't know if it is for sure, or if I should get cheaper one and still be able to do what I want (or do I need a 680, or should I go AMD?)

Here's what I'm ordering if the 670 is satisfactory for this (hopefully the link works)

In case the link didn't work, here's a list of the parts that will matter as far as bottlenecking performance

CPU - i5 3570K

Cooler - NH-D14

Buying some Artic Silver compound, as I don't know what comes with those

Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V LE Plus

Memory - 8GB G-skill 1600 (CAS 7)

SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB

GPU - GTX 670 (or if there is a better suggestion?)

Monitors - Samsung S24B350HL x2

As an aside note, I figured a HAF-X case would do the trick and looks nice, but if anyone suggests a nice looking case with good airflow, I'm open to suggestions

Thanks in advance
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    A 670 will be great. I currently have 2 monitors (2560x1440 and 1920x1080) and only have a 7870. The second monitor doesn't make a noticeable difference in frame rates (unless you do something intensive on it while gaming, which I don't). A 680 is only a little more powerful, but costs a lot more. It just isn't worth it over the 670.
  2. +1 to GTX670 its an amazing card.
  3. The HAF XM is about an inch shorter in both Height and Length, but a touch wider. Has more room for video cards length wise. And will hold 4 200mm fans(2 top, 1 front and 1 side). Has room for a 140mm in the rear and 2 120mm on the side of the hard drive cages, which makes for good airflow. And it comes in $50 cheaper than the HAF X.
  4. The Noctua NH-D14 is awesome!!! My CPU is way cool. I couldn't get it stable higher, otherwise i have PLENTY of temp headroom. It does come with some thermal compound, but I used Arctic Silver 5. It did fit in my Rosewill Cruiser case, but I had to take off the side fan.

    Looks like a very good build to me, maybe get a 2 x 4GB RAM set so u have room for expandability. (I wish I did now)
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  6. My build is done, although I have generic ram in there while I rma the g skill ripjaws sticks I ordered. both sticks were doa, took me forever to confirm since I didn't have any extra ram in the house and had to go to a shop. running a prime95 blend at 4.7 gjz stock voltage to see where to go from here, and you guys were right, this card is pretty sweet. I ran a heaven benchmark for giggles, at reasonable settings it looked fine and averaged over 40 (can't remember the exact number) and with everything maxed out (no 3d stereoscopic) it averaged 30.8 fps. I plan on overclocking as high as I can run stable below 90c which should ( hopefully) be ok for summer, and I hope to oc the vid card significantly as well. thanks for the help
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