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Hi forum, I'm using 2-way SLI Asus GTX560 TI 1GB (ENGTX560 TI DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5) Overclocked version 900Hz.
The game was running VERY Smoothly around 120 ~ 200 FPS On Multiplayer on ULTRA Settings until i overclocked the card(s)

I used Asus GPU tweaker to increase the speed to 950HZ, after that i run Battlefield 3 And then it started to crash to desktop. I Reset Everything to default And it is still crashing. I tried Each card individually and both cards are working fine. Even on Heaven3D benchmark i notice some weird square Filled with funny colors it flashes once and then everything runs normally. Tried to update BIOS but found out that i already have the latest version, now both cards are reset to default factory. Still crashing.. Any ideas?
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  1. Reset every GPU clock speeds and voltage settings.
    Uninstall and reinstall the latest driver.
  2. Take the cards back to stock. If you're already getting fps that high, there isn't any point in overclocking. You're just using more power, making more heat, and ultimately shortening the life of your equipment.
  3. weird square filled with funny colors sounds like artifacting to me.
  4. You are overclocking too far. Go back to stock.
  5. Already uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them ( old version and newest version )
    Already reset the Cards to default speeds. Just started playing Crysis 2 With DX11 Getting about 80~120FPS On EXTREME Settings, It was running just fine.. I guess the problem is from the game itself.. that game has million bugs/glitches, Reinstalling BF3 Takes time, so i will update by tomorrow.
  6. Okay it seems that i got the problem fixed. I will list the attempts that i've done.

    Uninstalled BF3 And reinstalled it. ( Didn't work )

    Then i got crazy, What i did is Flashing an MSI GTX 560 TI BIOS into my Asus GTX 560TI, Which was a pretty bad idea.. Very bad idea... of course I made a backup. So after suffering for a bit.. was unable to get in windows because of the 100% Blue screen due to The diff BIOS. I managed to restore it, then i flipped the cards and also flipped the SLI bridge, right now i am able to play BF3, Don't know for sure if it's stable or not. will keep you updated!
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