Sapphire 7850 broken after cleaning computer (PLEASE HELP)?

I really need help. I started cleaning my system as I do every Tuesday after school. I picked out the graphics card (Sapphire 7850 2gb OC) to clean it and to get more room to clean the rest of my PC. I then put it back in the case and forgot to plug in the 6-pin connector and booted the computer. I get no signal so I check if I plugged the graphics card in correctly (wich I obviuosly didn't). As I booted it after plugging it in the 6-pin connector I got a lower resilution and thought it had gone in to safe mode because I shut it off using the power button since I had no signal, so I re-booted it and got the same resilution and thought "hmm that's strange". As I had logged in I got a message from AMD on my screen: "AMD-drivers not installed or not working correctly please install or re-install the AMD-drivers". So I went to the auto driver detect that I had downloaded before and started it. I got the following message: "Latest drivers installed". So I clicked OK and saw what it had wreckognized my graphics card as. It was the following:0x1200 - 0x6819 PCIE.

Now I have NO idea what this could be! Please help me!

My power supply is: FSP 500w 80+
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  1. try to use different 6 pin connector and try to reinstall the driver..
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