Need some extra opinions on troubleshooting.

So, I got my HD7950 yesterday (woo); and later on last night my computer shuts off randomly. I start pressing the power button, no avail. Clear CMOS. Nothing there either. Unplug 2x6pins from the HD 7950, boots. Uh, well that's odd. Take card out, put in another system of mine; no boot. Unplug the 2x6pins from the HD7950, boots. Hmm. Boot other computer without the HD7950 just fine. Put in a GeForce 560ti, boots. Hmm, damnit. So all signs point to a the HD7950 somehow being dead already; I guess I'm asking if I am correct in this assumption? Any other opinions.

i5-3570k, asrock zz7 extreme4
8g corsair LP ram, Seasonic M12II 620w PSU.

Back-up build
i5-2400, Biostar H61MGC,
4gig Mushkin ram, no-name brand 550w PSU.

As stated; tested in both PC's. Plugging the 2x6pins results in absolutely NO BOOT. NO beeps, No fans starting, just a quick flicker from LEDs. However unplugging the 2x6pins, boots, and even the HD7950 fans start spinning, no video output obviously, but it's a note.
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  1. looks right to me.
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