SAPPHIRE Dual-X Radeon HD 7970 OC vs SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD 7970

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 OC VS SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD 7970

I learned there some differences noted below but I don't know what they mean for me as a consumer and if the $50 difference in price is worth the noticeable difference in performance.

1. The vapor-X is a GHZ edition card, it's basically clocked higher and it's a binned processor. The Dual-X is a boost card and it's not a binned processor. Is binned processor better because it was a better processor but has some of its features disabled?

2. The vapor-X has better PCB component design than the dual-x. Does the dual-x's lack of quality pcb design and flimsy board cause the card to warp or bend over time due to the gravitational weight hanging from a vertical case, thus causing BSODS and crashes?

3. Which one has unlocked voltage?

4. The vapor-x has better overclockablility, cooling and PCB design than the dual-x. Benchmarks would show there is a noticeable difference. Do you think an extra $50 is worth the noticeable overclocking difference in playing games tho?
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  1. Well firstly, in regards to the first question its up to you really. I would feel more comfortable with the Vapor-X. Yes its a Ghz card and its clocked very aggressively and has a binned chip which is nice to have means its more tolerant to heat and power so those are good things. Also keep in mind that the vapor-x cards come with there higher quality components. The black diamond components.

    Black Diamond Choke & Full Solid Cap Design

    Choke is an important component of the graphics card. By working with the component engineer, Sapphire’s patent pending choke is 10% cooler and offers 25% more power efficiency than a normal choke. The graphics card will be more reliable and save energy.
    Improved reliability and better overclocking are possible by using only high-polymer, aluminum capacitors which posses far superior characteristics than regular aluminum capacitor for a longer product life. When operational temperatures drop by 20°C, the product life span is extended by a factor of ten, when the operational temperature increases by 20°C, the product life span only decreases by 10%.
  2. But again though its all dependent on whether or not you feel you "need" that extra level of performance I would say I would prefer the vapor-x card however the 7970 will get the job done without the extra decked out ghz edition card.
  3. Well I just found out the Vapor-X 7970 doesn't fit in my case. :(

    For around $300~ though I am considering getting a 7950. They're certainly smaller and if I can find the right model to OC it to 7970 speeds I would.

    I'll split this thread to a new thread on the 7950...

    Edit: I was just doing some research prior to opening another thread and I think I might go with the MSI TF3 7950 instead.
  4. What case do you have? Aren't those cards just about the same size? If you still have the Antex 300 case, you can have up to a 12.5 in card.
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