GTX 660 problem

Hello all,

i've bought a gtx 660 in october 2012 and since last week it suddenly works bad.
i have a super bad fps rate and for exampel i can't play mw3 no more because the graphics suddenly suck real hard...
you can see the pixels at high and low image quality.
i went back to the store with it today and they said it's not the Graphic card but some setting in my system or something like that.

could someone please help me?

thanks in advance
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  1. Install the latest drivers from the Nvidia website.
  2. Yup or if you just did upgrade the driverss and this happen the roll back to an older version.
  3. Correct, starting with the drivers could be a way to go. Perform a clean install. Uninstall use drive sweeper. And then reinstall a clean install of the driver.
    Drive Sweeper
    Nvidia Driver. 310.90 WHQL
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