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After a lot of reading up, I have determined 7870 to be the best value for my dollar currently. I can't quite justify the 7950, so this seemed like the next step. I want to keep it under ~$230, otherwise I would just drop down in price even further and get a 7850/GTX660. I would like to overclock modestly, and I'm not sure which card would be best for this. Any replies are greatly appreciated as I know nothing about brands/models currently.
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  1. THe 7870 LE's are nice

    Both are about $245 AR (though may be able to find some on sale a little cheaper) almost as fast as a 7950 (thought drink power like a 7950) and come with two free AAA games.
  2. Well for under 230 you have a grand total of two choices:

    Though I recommend spending the extra 10 bucks for the much better cooled sapphire model. I personally wouldn't touch diamond products with a ten foot pole. Though thats personal preference.

    Ah yeah ikaz has a nice suggestions. The LEs are just cut down 7950s... AMD had a brilliant naming scheme for that card. (when I first heard about it I thought it stood for "lite edition") Hell the 7870LE even uses the same GPU as the 7950.
  3. Consider getting a 7870 LE. Its currently $240 at newegg. Very close performance to the 7950. It's essentially the same card but with disabled shaders and memory.
  4. Agreed I would get the best bang for your buck and the 7870 Tahiti is the way to go +1.
  5. Thank you very much for the replies. I was not expecting such help and so fast! I think I will get a 7870 LE as suggested. I am not worried about power consumption as, from what I have calculated, a 700W PSU should more than suffice. Pardon my ignorance however, but how does one tell the difference between a 7870 and a 7870 LE? Or are they one and the same? I have been out of the hardware 'game' several years, so this is all fairly foreign to me, and I never came accross the term LE. I would like to shop around for prices, but $250 isn't anything that is going to scare me away, so I may just go with the Sapphire card linked.
  6. The difference is that the 7800 GPU's use a different chip then the 7900 chips. You will see tahiti used in reference to the 7900 chips. 7800 chips are under Pitcaim its a different design architecture.
  7. There a serveral review's there you can check one of them on Toms is:,3401.html
  8. I should have rephrased my question; I apologize. How could I tell which models of 7870 use Tahiti GPU for price comparison? Searching 7870 will bring up all of the 7870 models, and Tahiti will not yield the desired results.
  9. Well it will normally be phrased as either LE, or XT. If you just see 7870 I would assume its just a normal 7870 unless it has LE, XT, or Tahiti indicated with the card.
  10. Oh currently only two card that I linked (at least in the US) are out and they are refered too as LE or TX. Other than that you would have to look at the specs and make sure they are "tahiti" chips
  11. Thank you very much. I have a lot of searching to do! Are there any particularly good/bad brands I should watch for?
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    Well it appears there is only two brands that really are pushing the LE, XT branding in the US Sapphire and Powercolor. If you were in the UK I would say Club3D would be a option as well.
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