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hey just wondering if someone could tell me how to fix or what was the cause of this pixel mishap it happens on alot of games and just started last week is my graphics card broken is it drivers some setting or what, also it only happens on games

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  1. Well there are a couple things that could be going on here so I'm trying to digest it all. What are you current settings in the game. Do you run any Anti Aliasing? That would smooth out the edges of your game. You could also be experiencing tearing where object pixels do not match up if this is happening maybe try turning on vsync and see if this solves the issue.
  2. will try and tell you the results and no aa and i have everything else except depth of view maxed out and i usually get 60 fps
  3. I'm sure its one of the two. Although it does look weird that your game is missing pixels. Especially on your guys arms.
  4. well it does increase when i increase the antialiasing but i have it off and it still shows hmmm
  5. What increases when you increase AA?
  6. the missing pixels and they do normally concentrate around my character and they move sometimes the glove is perfect sometime its almost not there at all and it affects my sights too :(
  7. Hmm that is very odd do you have another device you could try this on perhaps on a tv or another monitor.
  8. sadly no but i know it was not my monitor its fine in 2d just 3d messes it up for some reason
  9. Are there any other applications this happens in.
  10. yeah all games
  11. Yea I don't know something seems wrong here. What does your setup look like.


    If you have a store bought computer please provide the following.
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  12. I am also having this EXACT issue in the exact same game. I too am curious as to what the cause of this could be. I recently changed from Nvidia to AMD (as in days ago) and this only started happening to me once I installed my new 7970. My 470 gtx ran CoD fine, no pixel issues whatsoever. I removed the Nvidia drivers before installing the AMD card, tried the most recent AMD drivers and the beta drivers, uninstalled the game & reinstalled twice. I even reinstalled windows thinking that might do anything at all.

    Where my issue is different than yours however is that this issue only shows itself inside CoD black ops 2 (no other CoD game) and Just Cause 2. I've tested 11 other games and not one of them has this pixel issue except the two I mentioned.

    Would love it if anyone could shed some light on this. I dont want to have to RMA my card :(

    My setup if needed:

    Intel 3770K CPU
    Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe Mobo
    XFX 7970 Ghz Edition
    Antec 750wt Earthwatts PSU
    Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate
    1920x1080 23' LG
    8GB G. SKill 1600 DDR3
  13. Woah there Dagiz triple post!
  14. Nice triple post.

    Also, just throwing out there, this is NOT an issue from the monitor OR from screen tearing.

    If it were... screenshots wouldn't show anything.
  15. So what do you think it is from more so from the graphic card itself?
  16. Hi SkateROck, just wanted to let you know I found fix for this, well one that worked for me anyway.

    I tried about 100 different things to get this artifacting glitch fixed and this is the only thing, in this order that did it for me.

    I have an XFX 7970Ghz Edition so if you have an AMD card give this a try. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Add or Remove a Program > Uninstall AMD Catalyst Control Center & any other AMD/ATI programs you have there > Select custom uninstall and make sure everything is selected > once everything has been removed go to C: and delete the AMD folder > then Program Files and delete the ATI Technologies folder. Make sure you download the Catalyst 13.1 driver and then restart the computer before you try installing it.

    Upon restart locate the 13.1 driver installer and run it, install everything on it and that's it. Artifact free gaming :D As I said this worked for me, I scoured the web too it seems that other people are having this exact issue and its related to the 13.2 beta 5 drivers that are currently out. It's probably possible to roll back to the 13.2 beta 4 drivers too but I haven't tried it myself, I found something that worked and ran with it.

    Hopefully this helps you. I know how frustrating this problem is. I had just bought my 7970 about 10 days ago and had this issue from day one was about thinking about even RMA'ing my card. Good luck to you.
  17. Ah so the clean install fixed the issue for you then it sounds.
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