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So, this is my situation, I have a workstation at my office. I do not "game" or even use intense programs. I am still running Windows XP in fact. I really want a three monitor setup because I have my office camera's on one screen, and work on the other two. So, to do this, what would I need? I am thinking about a Radeon 6670, but here is my question, can I use a DVI Splitter cable like this -- ( -- to connect two monitors to one DVI port, and then simply connect the third monitor to card? Also, what would be the cheapest, but reliable card which can handle my needs?
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  1. DVI splitters like that will send the same image to both screens. I would get a 6670, then you'll never have to worry about three monitors slowing you down, and they're still fairly cheap. Get one like this then use a vga, a DVI, and an HDMI cable. Or an HDMI to DVI cable if your monitor doesn't do HDMI.
  2. You know what I lied. The 6670 won't do eyefinity, you'll have to spend some extra money and step up to the 7750 to do so. It's not to much more, and you'll have a better card.
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