7970, better value, but is it worth losing adaptive Vsync

**Note I have changed the title a few times so things posted previously might not make sense, did not want to pollute the forum with a thousand threads.

Approximate Purchase Date: Today, within a week
Budget: 450 after rebate
Game's I play: Starcraft II, Diablo III, Path of Exile, League of Legends, Crysis 3 (Want to play it), The Elder Scroll's MMO, Want to buy Skyrim, battlefield 3, black ops II
Power Supply: 600 Watt Corsair CX (Was planning on taking this back and getting a 750 watt Corsair TX for 30$ more
Other System Specs: i5 3570k, Asus P8Z77-V LK, 16gb Crucial Ram, samsung 840 proSSD.
Preferred Sites: Anything thats reliable, i have access to Microcenter/fry's
PARTS PREFERENCES: I like physX but not many games with it, adaptive vsync sounds like something i would want right?
OVERCLOCKING: Prefer Factory overclocked version, but will do it myself when its needed. Do not plan on going for a SLI or Crossfire Configuration.
MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1600x900, 1920x1080, Planning on buying a 1920x1200 monitor within the month.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I hate coil whine with a passion cant have any of that. I dont want screen tearing or stuttering. I want to max out the graphics if i can on 1920x1200

Now the best deals i could find currently are
XFX Radeon HD 7970 *comes with bioshock infinite and crysis 3 for 350$ after Rebate.

Power Color 7870 MYST. Edition with BioShock Inf + Tomb Raider 240$ after rebate

XFX Radeon HD 7870 Core Ed. 1000MHZ 200 after Rebate

PowerColor 7950 Crysis 3 & BioShock 275$ after rebate
PowerColor 7950 Crysis 3 & BioShock 275$ after rebate

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 Crysis 3 & BioShock 280$ after rebate

Galaxy GeForce GTX 670 329 after rebate

I asked about what cards to go with and i got talked into the 670 a lot,and i had settled on the asus directcu II version but its currently 400$ and i cant bring myself to pay that much for one. when the ones i linked are so much cheaper.

There dont seem to be many deals on "quality" brands everyone always says sapphire cards are good but will that 7950 fit my needs if i dont plan to overclock and want to play at 1920x1200

Really wish i could of gotten in on this deal
670 asus for 339$
or this http://slickdeals.net/f/5849378-GTX-680-386-09-sold-from-amazon
gtx 680 for 390$ sold from amazon.
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  1. TheMadFapper said:

    I don't really feel like playing the lottery, also im not sure the manufacturer would honor warranty if its purchased used

    I guess i just want a 670 or a 7970 there both priced the same but 7970 comes with crysis 3 which is a game im going to buy anyways.
    Should i suck it up and just spend the 370-430$ to buy a quality 670 or 7970 because its the only thing im waiting on to complete my build.
    Is xfx even a good manufacturer?
  2. Suck it up and get the best you can. I would go with a 7970 from either Sapphire, XFX, Gigabyte or MSI. They have good offerings with the Gigabyte R7970 1000MHz being best bank for buck. Look for it!
  3. Yeah. There's a reason your "deals" are cheap - most of them are unreliably made.

    You'd be taking more of a gamble buying them than you would the used card.
  4. DarkSable said:
    Yeah. There's a reason your "deals" are cheap - most of them are unreliably made.

    You'd be taking more of a gamble buying them than you would the used card.

    Which is why i have been so hesitant and have not pulled the trigger on any of them.
    I really had my heart set on a 670, but if im going to be spending that much the 7970 comes with 2 games.
  5. Its such an agonizing decision because the race is so close.

    Is adaptive Vsync all its cracked up to be? and does AMD have an answer for adaptive Vsync? i really dont want stuttery gameplay
  6. the motherfucking new drivers make 7950 almost 670 :3
  7. Yeah no doubt the 7950 is a solid card from what it looks like
    specially for 100$ cheaper than everything im looking at buying

    I wonder if opting for the sapphire 7950 and then waiting for the 700/8000 series to come in in q3/4 might be a good idea.
  8. With AMD you get a stronger card and Morphological Anti-Aliasing. MLAA is an AMD exclusive type of AA with the effectiveness of traditional MSAA and the performance hit of the infamousely cheap and nasty FXAA.

    I think it's better than Vsync which nobody uses ever.
  9. Im also in the same boat as you! Im ripping my hair trying to decide. I had my heart set on the XFX 7970 but i turned away from it because of all the issues i've been hearing about. Locked voltage, very bad temps, overheating, super loud, unstable, etc. For the price and bundle, its just such a good deal but really i knew it was too good to be true. Now im back to debating between the 7950 and 660ti. I was really leaning towards the sapphire 7950 mind you, but then i got wrapped in the whole dual x vs vapor x sapphires. Im so confused. Have you decided yet repress?
  10. As an Nvidia user, Adaptive Vsync is a total waste of time. Its not like you cant just use MSI Afterburner and cap your framerate to your monitors refresh rate.
  11. I don't know if you've purchased a card yet but I want to chime in with my thoughts.

    I recently purchased an ASUS Direct CUII 7970 and I can tell you, after 3 weeks use, that it's incredibly powerful, very quiet, and stable. Running at 1.2ghz I have noticed zero micro stutter, clipping, or lag in any game except for Skyrim which occasionally has a strange jittery effect in certain places when moving the camera. The fact that this is only game I have had any issues with so far suggests it's a software issue of some kind.

    I would ignore the gimmicks both companies are pushing and go for the best performance/price ratio in your price range (Performance also meaning the hardware itself like heat, noise, quality, etc).

    3D gaming poses different questions. I have a passive 3D monitor and have had a good experience using iZ3D and Tridef. From my limited time with Nvidia 3D Vision on a different PC, I found it to be somewhat more user friendly but still has ups and downs in terms of compatibility and support. 3D gaming has seen a massive increase in performance with the 7970 and I get silky smooth frame rates at 1080p with every modern title I have played (Crysis 2, Skyrim, GRID, AVP, Battlefield 3) with maxed settings. 3gb's of ram really helps with 3D gaming like it does with gaming at very high resolutions but I'm off topic now.

    Hope I've contributed something at least mildly interesting and useful.
    Happy gaming!
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