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Hi, I was originally planning on getting a 550 ti from asus but newegg sold out, so I figured I'd get something better like a 560 ti but when I when to see how big the card was I noticed an issue, 2 card, look the same, one says 9'' the other 10.16''
the two are different priced and clocked, the cheaper "smaller" has higher clocks, my problem is I'm pretty sure my case that I already have wont fit anything 9.xx''+ so, who knows whats up, alot of asus info I find on newegg does not seem right.
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  1. The heatsinks are probably different sizes. You should get a 7850 though. It is stronger than the 560ti, overclocks better, and uses less energy.
  2. ya see, that's a great idea but I was planning on using a geforce seeing how I don't have a geforce build and also, I forgot to mention what case I have, the Cooler Master elite 334 Nvidia edition, so I want to keep with the theme.
  3. Why? What theme is there? Is it meant for some nvidia display? If not, you are wasting your money. You would be better of with a stronger card for less money. If you must use nvidia for some reason, get the 650ti
    or the 660 if you can find one for a reasonable price.
  4. cheaper for you to use a newer case that has the hard drive bay set up for longer cards like the r400. then have a plastic window and put the nvidia logo on the window yourself. pick up green pci slot covers or paint some vented ones green. then put on some uv green fans and cables on the inside.
  5. well I already have the case, so not much sense to buy two cases now is there.
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