Will 7970 Ghz max Crysis 3?

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  1. It's recommended that a Crossfire or SLI setup (7970/680) and a Recent-Generation CPU from either AMD or Intel is used. SLI or Crossfire are not required but it says that it will run "even better." Without driver support right now, Crysis 3 is bringing my GTX 670 Direct CUII TOP down to it's knees. You'll be good to go, drivers will determine the final requirements to play on max settings. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Crysis-3-System-Requirements-DirectX-11-Radeon-GeForce,19509.html
  2. Maybe. What about your rest of your computer's specs? I saw a youtube video that some guy maxed out crysis 3 with i7-2600k at 4.4 GHz, and 16GB of RAM at 1600 MHz.

    Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpQwGqG9doA
  3. 16GB RAM, i5 2500k
  4. Yes, depending in the type of AA you use you will probably be able to max it out, but keep in mind that all the previous videos and posts have been about the Beta version and the Performance may differ with the real release. Also as mclovits mentioned the Drivers will also have a big imact on how ur system performs.
  5. Yes you will with fxaa, if you add 2xmsaa it will dip under 30 fps at rare times. but mostly with 40-50 fps. Now if you get 2 7970's like I just did yesterday, you can max the game with 8x msaa and get between 35 and 70 fps. I just keep it at 2x msaa and it never dips below 50 hah. But you need a nice i5 or i7 to do so.

    This is with the 13.3 beta 3 driver
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