Help me choose a gfx card please!

I'm bouncing around the MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB Video Card OR some type of AMD..

I don't know much about computers so keep that in mind..

so far, this is my build:

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  1. not a bad build, actually.

    only way you can grab a better deal is going for the 7870 XT

    costs a bit less than the 660ti for slightly more in performance. however, memory bandwidth can be a problem depending on your preference in AA settings & resolution. but @ 1080p + modest AA settings, not a problem in most cases.,3401-4.html

    personally, i'd stick with the 660ti, if you can spend on it. while drivers fixing the frame latency issue in AMD cards has seen some improvement, it's still a work in progress.

    EDIT: screw what i said. apparently, the 7870XT OCs like a BOSS.,3401-5.html
  2. So this should be my final build, and I should buy the parts, correct? I'll probably stick with the 660 ti

    EDIT: Wouldn't OCing all the time be a bad thing though? I don't see the point in it.
  3. hasn't stop most people from OCing, just to push a bit more value off their card. give it a mild OC, and you got yourself a card that performs better if not equal to the 660ti/7950 for considerably less. as long as the case has a good air flow, and there's enough power supplying your PC, there's not much to worry about.

    plus you don't have to OC now. give it a run at stock. once it starts struggling with newer games down the road, say, in two years, you can OC it. that should give you some time to save up for a newer, better GPU.
  4. Surprisingly good build for a new builder, nice job!

    And the downside to the 7870XT is that it draws more power than a 7950, even before it's overclocked, meaning you'd have to upgrade your power supply.

    And no, keeping a constant overclock, as long as it's not a dangerous overclock, isn't going to harm the parts at all.
  5. Everything looks good; but the case will suck in lots of dust. Try to get something with less openings, preferably without side fan (if you can handle the heat).
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