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Vddc stuck at 1250 mv His iceq 7950

February 13, 2013 2:09:14 AM

So I just got this card and, hearing about all the oc potential of the 7950 I thought id give it a go (ocing my 7870 iceq was pretty successful). Well Idk what the heck is going on my my voltage is locked at 1250 mv no matter what i set it to using his iturbo.

I tired using the bios switch to go to the non-boost clock, to no avail its stuck at 925 core so irritating, is there a way to get the voltage to unlock? Id like to get the highest oc I possibly can, but at 1150/1450 its stable for awhile then i get a lock up to black screen so im assuming the oc is unstable. Ive seen most cards get way more than this. I want to try, do you think my card is just a bad ocer. Maybe I just wont touch it til i rma it cause its stuck at 100% fan speed so im gonna exchange it at new egg, but assuming the next card i get has the voltage locked is there a way to unlock it? Thanks!