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HPE-500z - GTX 650 TI Power supply??

February 13, 2013 3:23:44 AM

Hello! After deciding to upgrade my Radeon 6450 HD to a GFX 650 TI, I need suggestions for a power supply. I currently have a power supply that limits up to 300w, and I am looking to get one at ATLEAST 600w.

If you guys could help me out or put me in the right direction to find a good power supply
(the dimensions for my current power supply are 6.00" X 3.25" X 5.5, so that's the size I need)
your help would be greatly appreciated for this computer novice :) .

Graphics Card:

Again, 600w, dimension size 6.00" X 3.25" X 5.5.

And also, I've read that the gtx 650 ti needs a 6 pin. Could somebody elaborate on this and how I know a power supply has one? Thanks!