GDDR speed bottleneck

At what point will processing power and available GDDR not mean anything compared to the graphics card ability to push through code, 512 bit GDDR.

I am just thinking about what if a 3 gig 660 eventually gets down to $150 (cheapest now is $240 w/MIR) or less if bought used. Even if running 3-4 of these would it outperform most/all other graphics cards or would one 690 with 512 bit GDDR still be faster just because of the memory bandwidth, and at what point may this become true.
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  1. It seems that a one gig card is already a bottle neck, do people think that in the next 6 months to a year that the 512 bit GDDR will be the next bottleneck. I am trying to figure out when the next upgrade should occur for me and for friends on the graphics front.
  2. 512 bit memory interface for GDDR has a long way to get would be a minimum for a year or two.

    running 3 660 ti s in sli will surely beat anything that is out there presently....but you need to have a mobo that is capable enough to provide for so much pci-e bandwidth. the top of the line mobos that has PLX chips can do so.

    4way sli though is not possible with the 660
  3. does anybody remember what series of cards the 192 bit interface was established with on the nvidia side (not a personnel preference but that is where I started)
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