Can graphics cards ever be as good as an xbox 360

Will grphics cars ever be as good as a xbox 360?

meaning the graphics of a game ie.blackops 2 on xbox 360 ever be able to be as good no a computer?
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  1. This sounds a lot like a troll thread but ill entertain it either way(my apologies if its an honest question) The short answer is NO. Long answer is still NO with: an xbox 360 is run on incredibly dated components, that any slightly modern computer can beat. If you're talking about something like the xbox "720". If the system specs ive seen for it are true it will still be dated compared to most midrange systems. but at least it will be x86 and support DX 11.
  2. Well, he specifically asked about an Xbox 360, not the 720. Could be a troll, but what troll would ask such a question? He wouldn't get anyone to take the 360 side of the argument, 'cause there really is no argument that can be made for the 360.
  3. My 7950gx2 in my amd quad core HTPC has more power than a whole 360. And that only cost $100
  4. em computer built for gaming already are faster/better then the xbox 720... and that hasn't even been released yet...

    keep in mind that I said computers built for gaming, I think the problem is that people buy the cheapest off the shelf computer from walmart/best buy and expect to game on it.
  5. Lol!Go troll some other fourm.
  6. I do not think he is trolling. I think he just doesn't have much experience with upper end graphics hardware.
  7. Maybe your right jsc. I apologize if that's the case.
  8. Even an A10-5800k APU is more powerful than the Xbox 360.
  9. 9a3iqa said:
    Even an A10-5800k APU is more powerful than the Xbox 360.

    Sad because true :whistle:
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