Nvidia GTX 660 compatible with Gigabyte EP45-UD3R ???

Hi, i'm new to the forums and i hope this is the right place to post this....

I have a gaming computer from 2008 that ran like a beast during it's prime, however many of the components now are outdated.

However, my main issue i'm dealing with currently is prior to me owning the computer, my brother went on a OC'ing spree and i believe permanently damaged my current Nvidia GT 9800, so much so that playing games like Arma II (DayZ) or Skyrim i have constant graphical glitches and after about 20-30 minutes my computer shuts down, and i've narrowed all possible leads to a burnt out GPU.

So, with this said will my Gigabyte EP45-UD3R (REV 1.1) mobo be compatible with a Nvidia GTX 660?

One issue i've narrowed down with compatibility is the 660 is a GDDR5, while my mobo is DDR2, however i've been told that it's not such a big deal and it is still compatible.

I'm currently ballin' on a budget and just want to be able to play DayZ and other games with my friends, will be saving $$ in the future and constructing a super-rig.

GPU in mind:


Nvidia GTX 660 backwards compatible with (outdated) Gigabyte EP45-UD3R mobo?
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    Simple Answer.. YES!. ANY PCI-e is backwards compatible with any PCI-e
  2. Rockdpm said:
    Simple Answer.. YES!. ANY PCI-e is backwards compatible with any PCI-e

    My hero! I've been asking this to myself for so long but i havn't bothered to register onto a forum and ask others who know....

    Thank you! you have a special place in my heart (no homo)
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  4. Glad i was able to help! If you have anymore questions..don't be shy:)
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