Dell vostro 3700 overheating / shuts off

My dell vostro 3700 heats sometimes when I run graphic / 3D cad programs like Google sketchup. Also, when scrolling or tumbling the model and at times when running youtube the screen shits off and recovers saying " Device driver stopped responding and has sucessfully recovered". But now, at times it shuts off and calls for a re-start....what is the remedy?
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  1. your laptop heats up due to dust that might have settled inside.
    get it thoroughly cleaned at the service centre.
    also keep all your drivers uptodate and use a cooling pad when you use graphic intensive applications
  2. I have a Vostro 3700 that would freeze. I suspected it was overheating. I planned to replace the i7-720qm in it with a i7-940X and at that time redo the thermal paste. 1. Vostro 3700 runs i7-940xm great. No issues. 2. Replaced the thermal paste with Dell's Loctite Powerstrate Xtreme on CPU. Original CPU paste a crummy job. Runs much cooler after redoing paste. (Also blew out motor and air vent) If you're having any reboot or freeze issues, probably overheating - However - 3. I'm no tech expert but not a tech weenie either. Redoing paste (and replacing CPU in Vostro 3700 is delicate job - not for amateurs. I was afraid I had ruined it during reassembly. Do your homework with Dell' Service Manual before you take apart and attempt this!
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