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I currently run a Dell T3500 with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 powering 2 DP monitors, i would like to add a third monitor into the extended desktop, i believe my card will only run 2 in this mode,

can i add a second card into the other PCI E slot and have it run up to 4 monitors in extended that way although power supply may be an issue or do i need to find a card that will run 3 at once?

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  1. you can add the second card on the other slot.....but do remember that both the cards will be independent of each other and so will the connected monitors be.

    check this link for the psu:

  2. Yes you can add another video card. If you want to use the extra screen for 3d renders your going to need another work station card. But if you only need monitor 3 and 4 for e-mail and MS office then you can get any video card. Depending on what you want the extra screens for something cheap like this might work, and you wont have to worry about the PSU.
  3. OK, thanks for that,

    will give the cheap card a go, will only be using the 3rd screen for desktop applications word etc..

  4. good luck :)
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