Crossfire x2 Asus 7970 on Asus Maximus IV/GEN3

Hi I'm thinking about getting a second 7970 after running Crysis 3 MP Beta and getting my proverbial *** handed to me on Ultra settings during massive fire-fights.
I'm running a BenQ XL2420T 120hz monitor and I'm looking to improve my average frame-rate to 120fps.

As a complete noob when it comes to SLI/Crossfire config I was wondering if you kind people could advise me on the following :) :

Will a second Asus 7970 fit into my board? If so will it be bad for the main card temp wise?
I'm running a Corsair Gold Certified 750w PSU will that be enough juice for x2 stock standard 7970 cards?
What are the current ATI support drivers like for Crossfire setup and is it really worth it?

Thank you for any advice!

PS: I'm also not entirely convinced if my rig is running upto scratch
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  1. A second 7970 should fit in your board. It is not bad for temps so long as you have at least one or two unused expansion slots of space below each card for their coolers ot *breath*. Your PSU is plenty for the job. Current driver support is great and I wouldn't expect any issues and it can be worth it, although unless you don't want to sacrifice quality, I'd think that the money saved by simply dropping game quality settings would be more worth it.
  2. Hi,

    Yes your motherboard does support crossfire but the two cards would be sandwiched together with very little room between them, this will cause the top card to run quite hot/loud, I don't know if you care about how loud your PC is but it won't be quiet.

    Your PSU is enough.

    Your 3Dmark score looks ok, newer drivers should improve the score when they're released.
  3. I think you need to make sure you have a good case and space between the PSU and your lower card. My SLI heated up pretty bad due to my case even though it's a HAF XM loaded with fans for cooling and I'm talking Noctuas here. So make sure you have adequate room for your cards and get enough air in and you should be ok.
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