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Hey guys,
I found this weird...
At 4.8ghz (CPU) 3D mark shows 0mhz Yet at 4.4ghz it shows 4.4ghz ?
My memory doesnt get showed at 4.8 but it does at 4.4
And my score went down from 12000 to 11800 yet i increased both my 7970's 75 more mhz and my cpu 400mhz

I find this weird any help would be great.

i72700k 2x msi lightning ghz 7970
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    That seems like a stability problem. Maybe you're CPU's voltage is set too low for 4.8GHz.
  2. No way Haha ive tried 1.45 1.5 1.55 ;) I cant overclock well at all Drivers crash at anything over 1100mhz core clock. Power supply maybe its onlly 775 watt for crossfire I dont think thats good enough haha
  3. Unless it's a crappy 775W, it should be fine. Perhaps your CPU simply can't reach 4.8GHz stably with your system.
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