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Hey guys i did a little looking around on the forums to try and find an answer and never really found a full answer. I just built this computer a few hours ago and im having trouble with the 3 monitor setup. My card (7770) says that it supports 4 monitors. I read on here that you have to have at least one Mini DP used. What im currently running is 1 dvi and 2 mini DP to DVI adapters. My computer recognizes all 3, CCC recognizes all 3 monitors but when i try to extend to the third i get a "Duplication of desplays over multiple graphics processors is not supported" error. What does this mean. Does it think i have a second card or are the 2 DP's linked together and thats why? Hoping to get this running today so i can finally run this setup after craving it for years :D

computer setup:

gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
AMD FX 8320 processor
gigabyte 7770
AOC 23" monitors X3
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  1. You should try using one monitor from the dvi port and daisy chain the 2 remaining monitors and connect it to any one of the DP.

    this should do the trick for you
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