amd raedon 7950 or the nvidia gtx 660 ti

I can choose between the amd raedon 7950 or the nvidia gtx 660 ti, they're both the same price and they're both perfect for my budget, I have to choose between them. I'm going to be playing battlefield, crysis and other fps games, as well as mmorpgs. Thankyou!
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  1. The HD7950 is slightly faster since the 12.11 driver release so I'd recommend the HD7950.
  2. Imo the 7950 may have slightly a higher framerate in some games but the 660ti seems to be more consistent. According to some benchmarks the AMD cards still seem to have some "microstutter" problems. I have the 7870 and sometimes it's quite annoying (tho not always noticeable).
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