Built in LAN card issue.

Hello, Once I left my PC (Windows 7) switched on for almost 1 hour, it went to sleep mode. When I returned and woke up the computer, it got switched on and off several times, then finally an occurred that windows was unable to successfully retrieve computer from sleep mode, it will restart. As the computer was restarted my built in LAN was not showing up in the device manager nor in Network Adapters, and the green light is always on, like whether a port is connected or not, or even I switch on or off my PC, it is on until power is unplugged.
BTW I am using HP DC 7700 Small Form Factor, and I think as msinfo32 tells that built in LAN is Intel(R) 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection. Please I am really in need.
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  1. i would download the mobo and other drivers from the hp web site and reinstall them
    must admit have a few of the hp SFF and find them all a bit unstable with hardware
  2. Go here:
    and run the "Intel Driver Update Utility".
    It will scan for Intel hardware and tell you what exists and if it needs updating.
    It's a great tool and very easy to use, I have used it many times myself and never gone wrong.
  3. I am thinking that built in LAN could be dead too?? is their a possibility that sleep mode can ruin your hardware?
  4. First check if this is a driver issue. It is possible that tthis is a NIC driver issue or even a Chipset driver issue. If either one is damaged or corrupt it could cause your NIC to stop working. You should first rule out drivers as the cause of this problem and then start looking into your hardware.

    You could also try doing a system restore, if there is a damaged driver you may be able to restore it to its previous state.

    Open your device manager and right click at the top of the list where the computer icon is, then click on "Scan for Hardware Changes".
  5. I did "Scan for Hardware Changes" it showed no devices found, if it were a driver issue then why is the green light of NIC always on? even when I plug in the connector it shows the same light on, previously two lights lit up (orange & green). And the most interesting part is that when I turn my off my PC the light is on again, just like a LED on the motherboard that lits up every time we just plug in the power cord.

    BTW thanks mates for replies, I really appreciate it :)
  6. If it's not appearing in Device Manager you may actually have a hardware problem as you feared. The small form factor HPs do have heating issues due to the size of the case and the hardware being cramped up in such a small space.
    At this point if your willing to keep trying to install a driver it wouldn't hert, but I doubt you will get far.
    Your other option is to get a new network card:
  7. I already bought a new card, its working fine. But the other thing I fear now is that whether other components are in danger too?

    Should I disable the "Ethernet Controller" in BIOS?
  8. Since you on-board card is not working you should disable it.
    Clean out as much dust as you can from inside the case and check that fans are working and you should be fine.
  9. Okay I'll do it.

    Thanks once again.
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