Best GPU for me?

Hello, I have a question that hopefully some people can help me with. I am building a computer and I have everything picked out accept the GPU. I was wondering if somebody could help me pick out something that would fit my needs. I will be playing on a single monitor at 1920x1080 and will want to play games not necessarily at ultra but max for sure. Games such as BF3, Crysis 3, GW2 and so on. Thanks for the advice.

Btw I'll be using a 3570k and I have the money for a $450 card and if I need it I'll get it but was just wondering if i actually needed a 7970 or 670/80 to max games on a single monitor.
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  1. for playing games at 1080p reso and max settings if not can settle for the 7950 or the gtx660ti....but you should also bear in mind that better GPU will always be better.

    if you plan to game in 3d of course than you would surely need the 670 at least.
  2. A HD7870 or GTX660Ti will be sufficient for that resolution and the settings you want.
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