Atikmpag.sys, related to HD6630

Hi, I have DELL Inspiron 14R N4110 Laptop with Switchable Graphic.
I'd already install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit as my OS, and also all the Drivers.

When I tried to RATE my Windows, first the process looks okay, but when it reach the "DECODING MEDIA PLAYER" my screen became blank, blink twice then everything STOP. Blue Screen appears with Stop error code: 116

I tried to find the answer with Windows Debugger, and the result said that it might caused by file: "atikmpag.sys", and the debugger mention the error with code: "atikmpag + 7048".

I don't know what this mean. Can you give me some explanation for this, and also advice of how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much
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  1. Files in system32 are corrupt and you will have to buy a new licence key

    Why were you switching graphics when you have HD6630 gpu
  2. Thank You :)

    Well, about the switching graphics, actually I just wanted to make my own plot for application's display configuration, which ones are set as High Performance display, and which are set as Power Saving ones.

    Ya, about the "New License Key", did you mean my Windows 7 Ultimate License Key?
    Wow, it's so serious..?! :| Well, let me see....
    Will it fix my "corrupt file(s)" in System32 Folder directly, after changing my License Key, and it also solve my Blue-Screen problem?
    Or I have to re-install my OS for sure?

    Please enlighten me :)
    Thank you very much
  3. If you have a windows disk you can try a system repair. IMO "sanilmahambre" jumped to conclusions.
  4. Okay, then. I will try, thank's for your advice, I mean for both of you :)
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