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I recently bought Sapphire HD 7770 vapor x for my pc and im having crashes every time i play online games like Dragon Nest and League of Legends after 5 minutes or more my screen goes black and Im hearing the game sounds looping sometimes not. But when i play lan games like DMC5 no black screen at all. Im in 35 degrees playing or not Please help me.

My pc specs:

MSI H55M mobo
6GB Ram
Core i3 540 @ 3.07 GHz Processor
Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor x
Windows 7
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  1. How hot is your cpu getting? What's your psu?
  2. Sorry im noob about this, i don't know how to check how hot my cpu
    When i play DN (Dragon Nest) Im in 46 degrees.
    My psu isCougar ST 500w
    Please help me :(
  3. Use hwmonitor to look at temps. It will keep track of min/max/current temperatures.
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