Which brand should I choose for HD7770?

I was choosing between MSI and Sapphire (both the cheapest).
Could someone tell me the only difference (the noise level) between some brands of HD7770? Couldn't find it on google.
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  1. if they use reference coolers they are the same. pick a brand based on which one offers better warranty, better looking cooler, games bundled
  2. Go with the card with the best cooler (dual fan, etc) - don't worry so much about the brand, but more-so the warranty/cooler on the card.
  3. Here they are:

    MSI: http://images.tweaktown.com/content/4/6/4669_09_msi_radeon_hd_7770_power_edition_1gb_overclocked_video_card_review_full.jpg

    Sapphire: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/images/b666.jpg

    The only difference between them is clocking (the sapphire has 100Mhz more on core and more on memory, too). They are pretty much cheap so the cooler is almost the same, I guess. The warranty is also the same (lets say the services are too).

    So the final question is: which one looks like it has better cooling?
  4. sapphire looks better, cooling looks the same.

    edit: dont worry about clock speeds, you can overclock the card yourself
  5. Look up the ASUS HD7770-2GD5. It has 2gb of VRAM, twice that of every other 7770 on the market. Current pricing is right around $160.

    Im going to assume newegg links are allowed.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121642
  6. 2GB is a waste on a hd7770. Get the Sapphire. It's got a decent overclock out of the box versus the msi(I'm guessing at amd reference speeds?).
  7. as jtenorj said the 7750 is too slow to utilize 2 gigs of video ram, its a marketing practice as I have seen numerous low end video cards with extra ram that won't really benefit them but you will be charged with extra ram
  8. I totally agree that 2 gigs are in vain too much for such a card.
    I think I´ll go for Sapphire then, since it's "oc'ed" already (I don't really want to OC on my own)...but any of you guys can post here if you got any problems with that SappHD7770.
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