Building a new rig GPU selection?

Hello i've recently decided to finally go ahead build my new rig.
So far i have;

CPU: I5 3570k
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD3H
CPU cooler: CM Hyper 212 + or EVO
RAM: 8GB (4x2) 1600 Ripjaws C9
HD: WD Blue Calviar 1TB 7200
PSU: ATX 850W (Reusing PSU)
GPU: Undecided

I need assistance in picking out a GPU for my system. I already did a bit of research and came up with GTX 660ti, HD 7950, or the XFX 7970; but need a light push toward the right direction.

Now with all of those choices, obviously the 7970 out wins easily but it is the only 7970 (XFX Double Dissapation edition) card in that falls under my budget. The catch is that it is voltage locked so i wont be able to overclock the GPU, and ive also heard that the DD cooler has a hard time keeping the card cool. Should these two issues play a significant factor into buying the 7970? Anyways, that is why im skeptical about buying the 7970 and fall back to the never ending debate between the 660ti and 7950. I plan to play a lot of heavily modded Skyrim/FNV (HD textures, ENB, injectors, etc.), Shogun Total War 2, Far Cry 3, and AC3. Also be ready for upcoming titles such as ROME II and play 60 FPS consistently. I only play on 1 monitor and at 1920x1080 1080p. Which of the two 660ti or 7950 would play the games mentioned above better?

With that being said, some words of wisdom or your 2 cents whatever would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. 7950 or the 660ti will crush any games at 1080p. with the upcoming games like crysis 3 and battlefield 4, you might need to turn down some settings as even the 7970 couldnt run crysis 3 at max settings. My choice would be the 7950 due to its 256-bit bus and overvolting features, but if you want you could go with the 660ti. the 7970 would also be a solid choice as it has a higher clockspeed than the 7950 to begin with and can still be overclocked without any voltage control
  2. How much of a overclock would I need with a 7950 to reach the speed of the XFX 7970? All of the three cards are relatively the same price, difference is minimal to $10-20.

    Its either get the 7950 and OC it like crazy or get the 7970 with locked voltage.

  3. Whats with all this news about cards coming with voltage locked?
  4. Id get the 7970. By the time you actually need to overclock to play comfortably at 1080p, you will be able to pick another up for crossfire at half or less than the current price, and with a reasonable 850w psu and that mobo I think your rig would handle the upgrade comfortably.
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