How to update windows 2000 setting for gigabit internet speed

Have been running win 2000 pro for last 5 yrs with trendnet pcitxr 1 gigabit nic card. Never had any problem running & connecting. Now cannot access internet @ 1 gigabit, ok @100mbit, for the most part. sometimes browser will lock-up, firefox or IE. Never had any problems like this before. Have changed nic card, replaced cable modem, wires. Have delete trendnet software and reloaded, ran winsock fix, move router cables, ran directly from cable modem, bypassing router, move nic to new slot, ran ipconfig /release & reset. All to no avail. when I ping comes back good. NIC cards I have tried all seem to be working.

Would appreciate any suggestions
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  1. Did you used to get a Gbit connection?
    This has to do with the port you are connected to on your router. If your NIC and Router ports are both Gbit you should have Gbit connection. Keep in mind though the Gbit connection you are getting is only between your PC and your Router. The port speed you get after the router has to do with the port you are connected to past your router (DSL line, Cable connection etc.)
    If this is a NIC problem you can look through the NIC Configuration for a port speed setting.
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