AMD Phenom Bottleneck?

How much will my phenom ii 830 @ 2.8ghz bottleneck me? The cards I'm looking at are the gtx 660 and 650 ti.
I don't think I can OC it since its a prebuilt dell computer and I've seen a bunch of other threads with peopple with the same computer as me not being able to OC anything unless they buy a new MOBO.
I want to get as many fps as possible, but I'd like to know weather it would just be overkill to get a gtx 660, for example if it only uses like 50% of its potential and a 650 or 650 ti would be just as good.
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  1. 650 ti will be fine
  2. you would be fine with both the cards unless you play games like far cry 3 or battlefield 3 etc......avoiding cpu intensive games should do it for you.

    good luck
  3. should be ok... but what PSU do you have? Make sure it is enough to run one of those cards.
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