Monitor wont respond

I have a problem. I got my friend's old pc, I plugged it into my monitor and startet the computer.
then my monitor just started blinking,and it seemed like it didnt get any connection. so i tried to start it in safe mode. that worked. I deactivated my ATI card through safe mode and restarted the computer. THEN i got in without safe mode.

Only problem now is that my ATI card is deactivated and i cannot play any of my games.
PLEASE HELP! been sitting for 20 hours now trying to solve this.
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  1. Calm down and dont panic

    - Just turn ON your friends PC and uninstall the AMD drivers
    - Then check the model of that card with model number
    - log on to and specify the details of graphic card
    - turn off the cpu and remove the card
    - clean it well dry and put it beck where it was ( PCI E X 16 slot)
    - Activate the card in bios and download the suitable drivers
    - The card has its own VGA or DVI port where you have to connect the interface cable and not the motherboard

    There you go....Its done
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