Sapphire HD 6950 1GB + Galaxy MDT 520 1GB

Hi Guys,

I have a Gigabyte FXA UD5 Motherboard with 16 GB 1333 DDR3 Ram & a Phenom 1100T 3.3 GHZ with a 1200 watt Antec PSU.

My Motherboard has three pci express slot, x16 x16 & x8 and a PCI slot.

I currently have two Sapphire HD 6950 1GB which were on crossfire, but now are un-crossfired and running independently.

My Idea is to have my main 27 inch monitor connected to the first HD 6950 for video, surfing, Music, Movies & Games.
And have four 22 inch monitors connected to my second HD 6950 for running stock charts across split screen.

I thought that it will work all five monitors like this, running both cards independently, but its not working that way.
The ATI-AMD or Catalyst software is not letting me run 5 monitors even with both cards independent (not crossfire)
I can only run four.

I bought two vertical dual monitor stands, thinking i may be able to place two monitors vertically on the left side of my 27inch and two vertically on the right side.
But now I'm only able to run the two monitors vertically on the right side, my 27inch on the center and one 22inch on the left side, with the top left monitor not working.

Because ATI doesn't seem to support five monitors, I thought maybe it will work with six monitors.
So, I removed the 22inch monitor from my second PC & connected it to my card (once on the top card and once on the bottom)

But it seems Sapphire 6950 1GB won't go over four monitors even with two cards running Independently, 5 monitor and 6 monitors don't run at all.

Since I spent so much on four monitors, two vertical monitors stands & additionally two active display port adapters (DP 1.2 to DVI) That's over $852 USD + for all this and now i can't get it to work the way i want as cards are not letting me run more than four monitors.

As a last stand now to get all five working, (Remember i need just discreet or low-profile on the four 22inch , its just to display stock charts and nothing else)
I just made a purchase on ebay for the Galaxy MDT 520 1GB card that has hardware support to run four monitors off four DVI ports.

So I am planning now to remove my second 6950 card and hook the Galaxy Geforce MDT 520 there and connect the four 22inch screens on them.
So maybe ATI cards or Catalyst isnt letting me run four monitors on second card, I'm giving a shot with a NVidia card there.

The cost of the Galaxy card is about $49 i paid and I'm expecting Arrival.

Would anybody be kind enough to say if this will work now? I want to run five monitors independently and seperately off two graphics card.
1st card will be the 6950 1gb for gaming, so its a question of the second card NVIDIA and running four monitors off of that for stock charts.

Links to all my GPU card specs and vendors are here.

Sapphire 6950 1GB --- >

Galaxy MDT 520 1GB --- >

Nick from Mumbai in India
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  1. any feedback please?
  2. Just removed my second radeon 6950 and installed the galaxy mdt geforce 520 and YAY! All my five monitors are working just the way i wanted and working independently five screens.
    Also my radeon is suddenly working cooler, before with two radeons the temprature was around 60~70 degrees celcius. Now the radeon is about 49~55 celcius and also the geforce mdt works very cool at 30~36 celcius.

    I'm happy!!
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