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I am just wanting to confirm that the graphics card that I am planning on purchasing will work on my computer.

It is a HP Workstation XW4400
C2D E6400 2.13
Intel 945X Mobo
3gb Ram

I know it has a 1.0 pci x16 slot, I am planning on purchasing a GeForce GT 640 I have read that pci 3.0 is backwards compatibility to 1.0. But I am aware that that is sometimes incompatibility issues with some older boards. And that I have read on some of the manufacturers of the cards sites that they require pci 1.1.

any help would be appreicated
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  1. That video card is way too powerful for that motherboard, and you are only allowed up to 3gb of ram maximum, better for Windows XP. You'd also need a new PSU, about 650 watts.

    That video card will not work to its full potential and you will have bsod problems consistently.

    Best to get a video card like the GT8600 or the GT9800, that is more suited, and will run in Windows 7.

    Basically, for the price you pay for that video card, you could but an i5 PC rig including a video card
  2. I made a mistake. The mobo is actually 975X not 945X

    My psu is powerful enough as it is 460W with 31.5 on the 12v rail. The requirements for the card are 350W with 20A on 12v rail. It meets all the system requirements. its the 1gb or 2gb GT 640 im planning on purchasing. The computer has 3gb ram and im using XP
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