HD4000 DVI to hdtv resolution

I've just built a little mini-itx system that I'd like to connect to an older HDTV. It has a Gigabyte motherboard that includes a built-in Intel HD 4000 graphics adapter. For now I have to use DVI for the video.

I have the system working and connecting to my HDTV at 1024x768 resolution. The TV shows as using the Universal PNP driver. The only other option Windows gives me for resolution is 1920x768 which my older HDTV doesn't support. How can I set the display resolution when it only gives me these two values? My old system included an NVidia app that let me make choices other than those built into Windows.

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  1. install the drivers for Intel hd graphics...you can find them on Intel website.

    that should get you up and running.

    which processor do you use btw?
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