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Game freezes after a few minutes of playing

February 13, 2013 7:18:17 PM

Not sure if its my graphic card or some setting I personally have wrong. But when i go to play a video game, loads up and begins.... etc. After a few minutes the game will freeze. Ive been trying dead space 3, saints row the third, darksider 2, all of them freeze after a few minutes in. But then i play diablo 3 and league of legends i have zero issues with. For more detail, the screen stays(doesnt blackout at all) in the same position, and the sound stays on. Computer locks up and has a hard time with ending the task of the game and forces me to restart my computer.

Computer parts:
Mb:Asus rampage V Extreme
GC: gtx 680 superclock edition nvida
RAM: 16 GB 1800 cosair veng
Cooling system: h100 cosiar and 6 fans. ( Temp stays around 23 C and hardly increases in game)
CPU: I7 3770K
PS: 550W