Ultra on even crysis 3? @720P

Hello, i would like to know as a soon to become hardcore gamer,

Which graphics card would give me 60+ FPS in ALL games even through lag spikes.

RESOLUTION: 1280 x 720 (720P HD)

APU: A6-3650

Please help, im unsure the HD 7770 is good enough...

Im thinking in favour of a DX11 card with at least 1GB VRAM and Nvidea for the Physx

Hardcore gamer meaning i love the eye candy and the latest games !

[ E.g Modern warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Planetside 2, Gta V, Crysis 2 & 3 "soon to come" ]
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  1. I would first get at least 8 gigabytes of Ram.
  2. Oh yeah i forgot to add im getting an extra 4GB shortly and i have the neccesary power supply of 950 Watts and recommended ampage on those lines :)
  3. You'll need at least a 7870 to pull a minimum of 60 fps in new games at that resolution. Your CPU will be your limiting factor at that point.
  4. Yes, a 7870 is a good paring for that build. I recommend one from Sapphire as they are the largest AMD gpu manufacturer and have a great reputation.
  5. My hope is that the final is optimized better then the beta
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