Will there be a major bottleneck on my system?

I have a PC with a6-5400k apu and 6gb DDR3 SDRAM. I'm about to get an HD 7770. my concern is: will my CPU seriously gimp the performance of my GPU? I'm getting the card because I want to do some light gaming on the PC. not gonna crank the settings really high. so, will the CPU really gimp the GPU in games?
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    you should be can also use hybrid crossfire to gain some extra performance
  2. The main concern would be with the PSU, you'd need about 650 watts (or more).

    That PC link refers to a tablet and not a desktop PC. At best, all i could find is
    for the A6-5400k CPU, the motherboard GA-F2A75M-D3H which has only 4 slots for ram so how do you get 6gb of ram in 4 slots? Perhaps 2x2gb and 2x1gb of ram and this could cause a bottleneck effect especially if the ram are different speeds, timings, and voltages.
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