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I have an older computer 5 years old and a beast of a computer. I store all of my files and such on my older computer as I just use it for storage and a website.

It is a HP a6200n, I know HP and it will be my last, custom from now on. I replaced the motherboard, CPU, Power Supply in the last year.

I woke up this morning and there is nothing displayed, just a black screen, I tried it on my other computers monitor and there was still nothing displaying on my other monitor.

All the fans work and it seems like everything is running.

I believe this is a PCI express problem but I could be wrong.

Any suggestions or ideas?

One last thing previous to last night when it was powered on there was a lit up blue light on the power button, I dont know if this went at the same time or is part of the issue.
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  1. i am having simalar issues with my custom build using a radeon hd 5450 and no one seems to reply im going to borrow a friends graphics card and see how it goes pm me if you find a solution
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