AGP Geforce 6200 not working after riva tuner

so, the other day i decided id make thebest of what i had and added two 20mm fans to my 6200 agp, i know its a pos, and it gets the job done usually, ive played some newer games on windows 7 without it crashing, back to topic, i tried to do the pixel pipe unlock thing and messed up and now the card has no out put. im wondering if anyone knows a way to fix this! its not a huge deal, kinda sadening but eh. i have a pci graphics card too, thats how i know the 6200 is at fault. the pci card sucks though...
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  1. Remove all of your Nvidia drivers (use Driver Fusion, see below) and try to re0install the 6200 along with the most recent drivers. I would suggest removing Riva Tuner at the same time as well. (just use the free/trial version).
  2. another detail, the pci graphics "works" but its a super low resoultuion so i cant see the whole screen and its like 16 colors... i got to the details on the 6200 it said 6200 4096MB DDR.... soo... yeah
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