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I've always liked the idea of running multiple monitors. But before I had the chance to go that route. I've ended up using a 60 inch Sharp Aquos LED 1080p. I do realize im sacrificing resolution. But which is truely the better route 3 smaller displays or one giant display?? Looking for opinions.
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  1. 3 smaller ones is a huge increase in resolution, which needs powerful graphics/cpu, you have bezels, problems of using the amd/nvidia to work with 3 screens and figuring out the proper connections needed, which never seem to be consistent.
  2. assuming this is for gaming, personally, of the two choices; 3 smaller displays. i prefer image clarity and crispness, achievable with a 60" TV when you sit a good distance away from it, which is space i just don't have.

    but if you're open to further suggestions; a single 1440p/1600p monitor. larger than most 1080p monitors, better image quality than a 60" 1080p TV up close, and not as demanding on the GPU as 3 x 1080p monitors.
  3. Obviously totally depends on what you're doing.

    I'm using a 40'' 1080p Samsung and sit arms length away. My use is a bit of gaming, lots of media, and surfing. The DPI seems totally fine to me. Maybe you want two 40 inchers? Consider buying TVs from Costco: they give you two year warranty.
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