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Hey all!

I updated my drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 (old card I know. replacing it asap) and also updated my BIOS. And ever since, I try to start up any video game and I get this blue screen of death message "STOP: 0x0000009c (0x00000000, 0xf772b050, 0xb200040, 0x00000800)". Sometimes it prolongs it if I set all the qualities to their lowest mark but, still eventually it happens. I recently cleaned out all the dust out of my computer and I try to keep it really clean. I read that it could be an over heating issue...? Just wondering if you wonderful peeps had any ideas...


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  1. Hi

    Have you tried downgrading your gpu's driver? Also did the problem occurred right after you updated your driver and bios?
  2. yes... directly after. im thinking that maybe there is some sort of setting that my gpu doesn't support in the newest driver. i guess i could just keep downgrading until i find one that work efficiently. sound about right? also.. i have done the graphics card driver updates before and i ended up respawning my computer because of this issue. i thought that maybe updating the bios would help but, no good.
  3. my card is tearing and showing signs of over heating. time for a new card i think, just in general... probably a whole over haul of my pc
  4. check if the inside since you clean it you could have unlock your memory stick or unplug some power cable .
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