Black border around aoc i2757fh

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recently purchased aoc i2757fh monitor and connected it vga to old Samsung notebook, onboard graphics chip. first few days I had a full display, glorious. windows asked me to search for drivers, I obliged, and now I have a 1/2" black border around the sides and top of display. How to fix this?
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  1. Try right clicking the desktop, selecting graphics properties, go on basic mode, then use the scaling sliders to make it fit your screen. As long as your on intel hd graphics that should work, if not use whatever program your video card has.
  2. intel graphics media accelerator driver for mobile

    no option for basic mode, only single display, Intel(R) Dual Display Clone, and extended desktop

    i don't see scaling sliders on those options
  3. Look in your programs and filter it by date and see what windows installed, you should probably uninstall that. Then uninstall your intel hd drivers and reinstall them.
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