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Very wierd problem with my new HD 7950

February 13, 2013 11:59:58 PM

Recently got rig.. Overclocked GPU from 925 boost mode to 1140 it was stable, no graphic errors etc but I switched it back now because whenever a horizontal fading light appears the shaders act really weird..

Let me think about this, how do I explain it.. First I actually dont know if its my GPU(hopefully not /cry)

What happens is, in crysis 2 whenever I fire a weapon the light that appears when firing a weapon extends to all of my screen basically, its only happening when horizontal lights appear, basically in the Mark 11 cloud gate test a few seconds in you see the ships blue lights and its fading for me the light is extended a really long way same thing with crysis 2, everything else is fine but the light when firing the gun appears it extends a long way almost covering half of my screen I am running on 1650x1050 res btw.

I dont think anyone will actually understand what I am trying to say so let me draw you guys a picture and give you a picture vs video comparison on mark11

Pause the screen there, you notice the light at the middle top right of the screen and it has the blue light extended, what happens when I test it is the light that's supposed to fade actually looks like it isn't fading.

Same thing happens in Crysis 2, the fading light appears not to be fading when firing a machine gun. I dont know if you all understood that, maybe its my monitor? or is it my GFX? I really want to fix this!

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