Couple SLI questions

I built a gaming rig a couple months ago for about and am currently running the 2gb variation of the evga gtx660 superchiped gpu. well my birthday is coming up and something that sound cool is SLI. I looked around and know the cards have to be near as makes no difference the same. So my question:

Can I run my 2gb gtx660 with a 3gb gtx660?

Can my ASUS p8 z77 vpro even run SLI?

I have a kingwin 750w psu. Is that enough to push both cards?

all answers welcome.
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  1. I've seen a thread on the nvidia forums that cards (GPU) with different amount of VRAM will not work in SLI. Not so sure about this, but it was replied by Nvidia's representative.

    Still, if you have a 2GB card, why bother getting a 3GB for SLI? Get another GTX660 2GB.

    And yes, your motherboard can run SLI (and crossfire). Your psu should also be more than enough.
  2. From their website
    Can I mix and match graphics cards with different sizes of memory?

    When purchasing a second graphics card, you should try to match the memory size so that you are ensured full value and performance from your purchase. However, while it is not recommended, NVIDIA does offer the flexibility to run graphics cards with different sized memory by using CoolBits. Using CoolBits (value set to 18), you can force both of the cards to use the lower of the two memory sizes and operate them together in SLI mode. When dissimilar memory sizes are enabled to work together using CoolBits, the effective memory size for each card becomes the smaller of the memory sizes.
  3. the reason i asked is bc i saw a 3gb on craigslist for the same price as a 2gb so value purposes. Is any extra cooling needed? If so how would you approach it. And for future reference [and just plain curiosity :) ] how do you run triple SLI?
  4. @badam

    Even if it works, he won't get the benefit of getting a 3GB card since they'll both will have only 2GB effective memory
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