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Mobile Nvidia Quadro GPU not activating with Optimus


I have a laptop workstation with an Nvidia Quadro GPU and HD 4000. The discrete GPU is never active in benchmarks or games and only activates when running SpecView. Manually assigning programs to run with the Quadro GPU on the Optimus window still does not activate the GPU. How do you get the Quadro GPU to work in benchmarks and games?

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    You have a couple options. You can try uninstalling optimus. I'm running a Quadro and have never had to use that software. If you must use it. I advise you to check your graphics profile settings. As well as update your drivers. Also check your power configuration. Set it to Max Performance mode. Balanced and Power Save modes will not allow the full potential of your hardware which sounds like the issue. I could be wrong but it sounds like you're trying to squeeze out top performance in Power Save mode. Thats not gonna happen. Power Save mode literally chops your hardware specs in half.
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